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marți, 5 noiembrie 2013

Everything is God - Totul este Dumnezeu

Everything is God. This very room and the universe are floating like a motion picture on the screen of my consciousness. I look at this room and see nothing but pure Spirit, pure Light, pure Joy. The pictures of my body and your bodies -- all objects in this world are only rays of light streaming out of that one sacred Light. As I see that Light I behold nothing anywhere but pure Spirit.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Totul este Dumnezeu. Aceasta camera si universul plutesc asemeni unei imagini pe ecranul constiintei mele. Privesc la aceasta camera si nu vad nimic altceva decat Spirit pur, Lumina pura si Bucurie pura. Imaginea corpului meu si a corpurilor voastre - toate obiectele din lumea aceasta sunt doar raze de lumina ce curg din aceasta Lumina unica sacra. Atunci cand privesc  aceasta Lumina nu vad nimic altceva decat Spirit pur.

Paramahansa Yogananda

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