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duminică, 12 ianuarie 2014

The essence of religion - Esenta religiei

Arguments often prefer religion to truth.

There are two kinds of religion: false religion and true religion. A false religion wants to change the face of the world by any means, even by foul means-by hook or by crook. A true religion wants only to love soulfully the heart of the world. A false religion will try to exercise its Himalayan supremacy over other religions. A true religion will only sympathize with other religions. It wants to experience its oneness-ecstasy with all religions, founded upon its own soulful cry. It wants to become inseparably one with all religions by virtue of its tolerance, patience, kindness and forgiveness. Again, a true religion knows perfectly well that it is Supreme Pilot Himself who is loving and piloting each religion, and at the same time forgiving the shortcomings that each religion unfortunately embodies.

The essesce of religion:
Fear God and obey God.
The quintessence of spirituality:
Love God and become another God.

Argumentele adesea prefera religia adevarului.

Exista doua tipuri de religie: religia falsa si religia adevarata. O religie falsa doreste sa schimbe fata lumii prin orice mijloace, chiar si prin prin mijloace incorecte-fortand lucrurile. O religie adevarata doreste doar sa iubeasca cu insufletire inima lumii. O religie falsa va incerca sa isi exercite supramatia ei uriasa asupra celorlalte religii. O religie adevarata va avea doar simpatie fata de celelalte religii. Ea doreste sa experimente unitatea-extaz cu toate religiile, care sunt fondate pe plansul lor insufletit. Ea doreste sa devina in mod inseparabil una cu toate religiile in virtutea tolerantei, rabdarii, bunatatii si iertarii ei. Din nou, o religie adevarata stie foarte bine ca Pilotul Suprem Insusi este cel ce piloteaza si iubeste fiecare religie, si in acelasi timp iarta slabiciunile pe care fiecare religie le are.

Esenta religiei:
Frica de Dumnezeu si ascultarea lui Dumnezeu.
Chintesenta spiritualitatii:
Iubeste-l pe Dumnezeu si devino  un alt Dumnezeu.

Sri Chinmoy

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