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luni, 9 septembrie 2013

God's Will - Voia lui Dumnezeu

If you can silence the mind and ask the heart to speak to God, then only are you heading in the right direction.

Is there anybody who does not know the Will of the Supreme? No! If you remain in the heart at every moment you will know what God's Will is. But if remain in the mind, never, never will you be able to know the Will of the Supreme. You may have grandiose thoughts and lofty ideas, but they will not be the Will of the Supreme. Life's victory or defeat, life's acceptance or rejection, are not the ultimate reality in the Eye of the Supreme. He laughs at our acceptance or rejection of life, at our victories and defeats. But He triumphantly smiles at us when His Will becomes our will. We do not have to become great in the outer world to prove to the world or to Him that we are worthy instruments of His. Never does he care for our earthly status. He cares only for one thing: our constant oneness with His Will.

You do your work:
You go on creating a new world
God will ask the citizens
Of the old world
To applaud you, along with Him.

Daca poti sa-ti linistesti mintea si sa-i ceri inimii sa-i vorbeasca lui Dumnezeu, doar atunci mergi in directia buna.

Este cineva care nu stie Voia Supremului? Nu! Daca ramai in inima in fiecare moment vei sti care este Voia lui Dumnezu. Dar daca ramai in minte, niciodata, niciodata nu vei putea sa stii Voia Supremului. Poti avea idei marete si grandioase, dar ele nu vor fi Voia Supremului. Victoria sau infringerea vietii, aceptarea sau respingerea vietii, nu sunt realitatea ultima in Ochiul Supremului. El rade de acceptarea sau respingerea noastra a vietii, de victoriile sau infringerile noastre. Dar  zambeste triumfator la noi atunci cand Voia Lui devine voia noastra. Nu trebuie sa devenim mari in lumea exterioara pentru a dovedi lumii sau Lui ca suntem instrumente de valoare ale lui. Niciodata Lui nu o sa-i pese de statutul nostru lumesc. Lui ii pasa doar de un singur lucru: unitatea noastra constanta cu Voia Lui.

Fa-ti treaba ta
Constinua sa creezi o lume noua
Dumnezeu va cere cetatenilor
Lumii vechi
Sa te aplaude impreuna cu El.

Sri Chinmoy

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