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sâmbătă, 27 iulie 2013

The supreme Goal

We have to feel that we embody infinite light, infinite truth and infinite bliss and that now we have to reveal and manifest these divine qualities.

The supreme Goal is within. The Goal is crying for us, but we are looking elsewhere, where it does not exist. We cry for our own existence, which is full of fear, doubt, ignorance, pride, vanity, and selfishness. But if we cried for God every day, if we meditated early in the morning for harmony, peace, bliss, plenitude and fulfillment, then we would see, feel, realize and grow into our Goal. We would discover that our transcendental Goal is within and grow into very image.

The logic of the seeker's faith:
His life exists precisely because
His God exists.

Trebuie sa simtim ca intruchipam lumina, adevarul si beatitudinea infinita si ca acum trebuie sa revelam si sa manifestam aceste calitati divine. 

Telul suprem este in interior. Telul plange dupa noi, dar noi privim in alta parte, nu acolo unde se afla el. Noi plangem pentru propria nostra existenta, care este plina de frica, indoiala, ignoranta, mandrie, vanitate si egoism. Dar daca am plange dupa Dumnezeu in fiecare zi, daca am medita dimineata devreme pentru pace, armonie, beatitudine, plenitudine si implinire, atunci am vedea, simti, realiza si creste in Telul nostru. Am descoperi ca Telul nostru transcendental se afla in interior si am creste întru imaginea acestuia.

Logica credintei cautatorului:
Viata exista cu siguranta
Pentru ca Dumnezeul lui exista.

Sri Chinmoy

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