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marți, 11 iunie 2013

How to conquer anger

It is such a difficult task to gain peace of mind. Why do you then spend your mind's peace so extravagantly?

How to conquer anger? Feel the necessity  of perfecting yourself. When anger want to enter into you say, ”I am sorry. I eat only one food. The name of my food is peace. I will not be able to digest you. If ever I eat you, I will be destroyed within and without. I do not want to be destroyed. I have to do much for the divinity in me and the humanity around me. O anger, you are knocking at the wrong door.”

Because he contained his anger,
The divine forces had the opportunity
To act in and through him
And finally to illumine him.

Este o sarcina atat de dificila sa obtinem pacea mintii. De ce o irosim atunci intr-un mod atat de extravagant?

Cum sa cucerim mania? Simtiti necesitatea de a va perfectiona pe voi insiva. Atunci cand mania vrea sa intre in voi spuneti, „Imi pare rau. Eu mananc doar un singur tip de mincare. Numele acestei mancari este pace. Nu voi putea sa te diger. Daca te voi consuma vreodata voi fi distrus in interior si in exterior. Nu vreau sa ma distrug. Trebuie sa fac multe pentru divinitatea din mine si pentru divinitatea din omenirea din jurul eu. O mânie, tu nu bati la usa care trebuie.”

Pentru ca el isi controleaza mânia,
Fortele divine au ocazia
Sa actioneze in si prin el
Si in cele din urma sa-l ilumineze.

Sri Chinmoy

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